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  • Revista Aú

    About the Magazine

    On May 13, 2015, we launched the New DEGASE African-Brazilian Studies Center (NEAB-ND). It was the date of the 127th anniversary of the signing of the Golden Law that officially ended black slavery in Brazil. However, for the Brazilian Black Movement, this date has another meaning, the National Day to Combat Racism is celebrated. The fight against racism is the first concern of our group. From this perspective, we launched Revista AÚ with the intention of sharing with actors from outside the socio-educational system the actions developed by NEAB-ND.AÚ is a movement in capoeira. A blow with multiple variations and possibilities for reinvention. From its second issue, Aú Magazine is divided into sections with names linked to capoeira, a struggle invented by Afro-Brazilians in the slave quarters as resistance to oppression.

    The Aruanda section [1] recalls and honors black personalities that are part of Brazilian history. The magazine also features the Roda section [2] composed of articles developed by the teachers of the Afro-Brazilian Studies and Socio-Education course, conducted annually by the NEAB-ND. The textual production of DEGASE employees comes in the section Trainel [3]. Aú Magazine also presents Espaço Caxinguelê  [4] with production of socio-educated students. We completed the edition with the Berimbau [5] sections, a transcribed article from a lecture given at the annual Meeting on Race Relations in Socioeducation, and Zum, zum, zum [6] review of a book by a black author or author.

    Good reading!

    [1] Place where the orishas live, sung to this day on the wheels.

    [2] Circle formed by capoeiristas where two people, in the center, play capoeira, being replaced by others during the game, while the people who are in around clap their hands and answer the choir sung and played by capoeiristas.

    [3] Stage in the trajectory of capoeira practitioners.

    [4] Boy and girl playing capoeira.

    [5] Percussion instrument controls the capoeira wheel, rules the rhythm and the game (gourd, wire and a stick.)

    [6] Comments.

  • Revista Socioeducação

    A Revista Socioeducação é uma publicação eletrônica da Coordenação Regional Socioeducativa do Sul Fluminense e Costa Verde, do Novo DEGASE, apoiada pela Escola de Gestão Socioeducativa Paulo Freire, coordenada e editada pelo seu Núcleo Descentralizado, com tiragem  anual que se destina à divulgação de trabalhos de natureza acadêmica.

    A Revista tem um perfil pluridisciplinar consoante com a socioeducação e sua práxis; com o desafio de abarcar os estudos e produções científicas dos profissionais do Degase e de nossa rede de parceiros que se amplia na promoção da socioeducação no centro-sul fluminense e costa verde, entre as mais diversas instituições, órgãos, secretarias e outros, que promovem o sistema de garantia de direitos da infância e juventude.